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Private Stanley Thomas Saunders
Died of Wounds 20th July 1916   
On the Somme

Remembered here, at Gorslas and
On the Thiepval Memorial  keeping Vivian Hastings Clay company
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Although unkown to each other in life, Stanley keeps Vivian company on the Thiepval Memorial.

Stanley was born in Ipswich. His father, Thomas Saunders, was a sickberth attendant in the Royal Navy. Stanley was in the 10th Battalion the Royal Welsh Fusiliers and 29 years of age when he was killed on the Somme on Thursday 20th July 1916.

War Office documents seen by the writer would indicate that he died of wounds and actually fell on or about the 17th July 1917. He volunteered in Cross Hands, near Llanelli, having married auntie Miriam some time before.

They lived in a cottage known as Tanylan just above the lake called Llynllechowen. Now a local water sports and nature attraction. Auntie Miriam, first cousin to the writer's maternal grandfather, lived to a ripe old age and never remarried. Her descendents live near Gorslas, just a stone's throw from the lake.

Is this Stanley Saunders