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France    June 1916 to February 1918
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The reference numbers should help in checking sources in histories and etc.

The lists of medical facilities, Ref: 1.02 through 1.20, were referred to when trying to trace the progress of L/Cpl A J Davies MM following the loss of his eye which is assumed to have been at Gonnelieu.

So far the search has been unsuccessful.

The note "N/Available" indcates that although searches at Kew have been made, in person, the file appears to be be either missing or not released.

The recent improvements to the PRO online database are now showing records of individual officers. Even so, the record for Lt Colonel Charles Joseph Wilkie still remains off the list.





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1.01 WO95/2607 17th Battalion The Welsh Regiment War Diary France, June 1916 to February 1918
1.02 WO95/248 Motor Ambulance Convoy
1.03 WO95/2602 Field Ambulance 40th Division
1.04 WO95/4078 No. 7 General Hospital
No. 8 General Hospital
(8/1914 - 12/1916 - Description of treatment of a head wound)
1.05 WO95/4139

32 Ambulance Train
33 Ambulance Train   
30 Ambulance Train
34 Ambulance Train  
31 Ambulance Train

(9/1917 - 5/1919)

(9/1917 - 4/1920)
1.06 WO95/499 37 Casualty Clearing Station
20 Casualty Clearing Station
1.07 WO95/4074 No.1 General Hospital
1.08 WO95/4075 No. 2 General Hospital
No. 3 General Hospital
1.09 MH106/1526 Napsbury NAP/2
1.10 MH106/172 139th Field Ambulance 41 Div Rest Station
1.11 MH106/2218 Napsbury St. Albans 1917 - 1920
1.12 MH106/2244 Catterick Command Da/Dy
1.13 MH106/2273 Millbank Da/Do
1.14 MH106/2260 Catterick Military Hospital C/De (N/Available?)
1.15 MH106/2296 Medical Record Report D-G - including self inflicted wounds         (N/Available?)
1.16 MH106/2301 2ns General Hospital D -H   (N/Available?)
1.17 MH106/2305 7th General Hospital A/H (N/Available?)
1.18 MH106/2307 18th General Hospital A/K
1.19 MH106/2386 Location of Hospitals Field Ambulances
and Casualty Clearing Stations
1.20 MH106/2389
1.21 WO95/3119 1/28 London Regiment - Artists Rifles (6/17-4/19)
1.22 WO95/128 1/28 London Regiment - Artists Rifles (6/17-4/19)
(1914 - 4/19)
1.23 WO95/2329 2nd Battalion Wiltshire Regiment
1.24 WO95/2000 6th Battalion Dorsetshire Regiment
1.25 WO95/2001 6th Battalion Dorsetshire Regiment
1.26 WO95/5455 Hampshire Regiment
1.27 WO95/2093 6th Battalion Wiltshire Regiment
1.28 WO95/1092 6th Battalion Wiltshire Regiment
1.29 WO95/4243 13th Battalion Hampshire Regiment
1.30 WO128... Imperial Yeomanry
1.31 RG4 3429 Countess of Huntingdon Bearfield Chapel, Bradford on Avon, Register
1.32 ADM 107 Lieutenant's Pass Certificates 1691 - 1848 Charles Cobbe