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Rev. Captain David Edwin Davies BA - Gazetted Chaplain 22nd May 1917
France    June 1916 to February 1918

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Captain David Edwin Davies BA (1878 - 1947) - Non Conformist Battalion Chaplain - Page 1

In France with the YMCA, the 17th & 18th Battalions The Welsh Regiment
& Battalions of Other Regiments

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Rev D.E.Davies

Rev D.E.Davies&Family

Rev. Capt. David Edwin Davies with his wife Letitia (Leta),
Son John and Daughter Gwyneth
around 1924/1925

Rev. D.E.Davies
By Kind Permission of Ceridwen Harris, of London, Ontario, Canada Edwin's and Leta's granddaughter

Date Comment Sources & Notes
His Life:

A short narrative summary of the life of Rev David Edwin Davies BA is posted below. During the latter half of 1917 and into 1918, he kept a diary of his time in France. Whilst much of it is in abbreviated form, an attempt will be made to place it in time-line form on pages 6 & 7 of this website. Efforts are being made to obtain his service records but as there appears to be a strong connection with the YMCA, this is proving difficult. The TNA state that they do not have YMCA Chaplain records at Kew. There is a connection with the 17th and 18th Welsh Battalions, he attended a service with the 17th on Christmas day 1917, the 17th Welsh diary mentions only that there was a religeous service without any names. There is also a connection with the Royal Welsh Fusiliers and the South Wales Borderers and possibly the Durham Light Infantry which he also appears to have visited, in 1917, and refers to the Durhams. It is hoped that the additional information will be posted in the not too distant future - GGD.

Autumn 1877 William Samlet Davies marries Mary Anne Williams at Merthyr Tydfil (1) & Free BMD
Merthyr Tydfil
18 July 1878 David Edwin Davies, a son for the Rev. William Samlet Davies and his wife Mary Anne1 (nee Williams) at Merthyr Tydfil. (1) & Free BMD
Merthyr Tydfil
1878 - 1908 Attended school, worked at the Post Office - then the GPO (?) and at the Brecon Congregational Memorial College with a BA - University of Wales. (1)
June 1908 Ordained Congregational Minister (1)
September 1908 Appointed Minister, Mount Zion Congregational Church, Troedyrhiw, Glamorgan (1)
1911 Appointed Minister, Avonmouth Congregational Church, Bristol with Redland Park, Bristol (1)
Redland Park, Bristol
1914 Appointed Minister, Tavistock Congregational Church (1)
1914-1916 At some point became involved with the YMCA and WW1 in France in a Chaplaincy type capacity (1)
March 1916 Received a YMCA Certificate of Identification Permit in Rouen to travel from Abbeville to St. Pol (1)
22 May 1917
14 June 1917
Temporary Chaplain to the Forces London Gazette Pg 5849 via David Blake AMA Museum of Army Chaplaincy
May 1917 Ordered to prepare kit for service as Chaplain in France where he performed his duties with the 17th and 18th Battalions The Welsh Regiment  
30 January 1918 Writes to and proposes to Letitia Jones whose father was also a Congregational Minister.  
11 September 1918 Rev David Edwin Davies BA., WW1 Chaplain marries Letitia Jones at Narberth (1) & Free BMD
1919 Gwyneth M Davies, a daughter for David and Letitia (Leta) Davies, born in Cardiff. At this time David was Minister at Wood Street, Cardiff. Gwyneth became mother to Mrs Ceridwen Harris, the source of much of this information. Gwyneth died in 2011 (1) & Free BMD
Wood Street, Cardiff.
1922 John Davies, a son for David and Letitia Davies, probably John E. Davies in Cardiff. (1) & Free BMD
1923 Rev David E. Davies visited Cologne in March and then Paris in April (1)
1923 Appointed Minister at Wood Street, Cardiff and at Windsor Road Church, Barry (1)
Windsor Road
1925 Whilst his parents were away at a centenary meeting in the USA, John, in the care of his grandmother, became unwell and suffered significantly throughout his life and died around 1952, lame and blind in the Leamington Spa Home for Incurables, to the ongoing grief and distress of his parents. Looking at the above photograph it is clear that John E. Davies was a wise, intelligent and inquisitive child who would have grown up to be a person of significance in the world, as he undoubtedly was to his parents and family. (1)
1929 Appointed Minister at Abbey Foregate Church, Shrewsbury, with a Mission at Longden and a Chaplaincy at the Barracks.

Abbey Foregate


1935 Aged about 57 years, Rev David E. Davies was appointed Minister at the Union Church, Berkeley, Gloucestershire. His granddaughter states that at that time he was described as a broken man, possibly suffering from what we now know as PTSD. Whilst the appointment was thought of as semi-retirement, he was also engaged with the Congregational Union. (1)
March 1947 Aged about 68 years, the Rev. David Edwin Davies died at Berkeley with the death registered at Thornbury (1) & Free BMD

Sources - (1), David & Letitia's granddaughter Mrs C Harris
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Pages (1 - Family & Timeline), (2- Letter to Leta), (3 - Hymn Sheet), (4 - Signatures) (5 - Send Off),  (6 - Diary Pg1 & Evan Matthias)  (7 - Diary Pg 2) (8 -Misc Images)