The First Glamorgan Bantams -
The War Diary  October 1916 
France    June 1916 to February 1918
October 1916 P01
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October 1916
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October 1916
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N.E. MAROC   1-10-16
Relieved the 12th Bn. S. W. B. in Brigade Support in N. E. Maroc vacating Reserve Billets in S. Maroc into which the S.W.B. moved.
Casualties :- nil


N.E. MAROC   2-10-16  3-10-16  4-10-16
In Brigade Support in N. E. Maroc, with the B and C Coys finding garrisons of TRAVERS and St JAMES KEEPS respectively. Remainder of Battalion engaged in furnishing various and many fatigues.

Casualties :- nil


MAROC   5-10-16
Relieved the nineteenth R. W. F. in Right Subsection MAROC. 'A' & 'D' Coys in front line with 'B' & 'C' Coys in Support.

Casualties :- Nil


MAROC    6-10-16
At about 12: 30 p.m. our own Heavy Trench Mortar fired some 8 shells after the front line had been cleared completely from EDGWARE ROAD to BOYAU 10B. 2 shells fell in No Man's Land, 2 in Bosche wire, 3 in Bosche trenches and 1 in our own front line destroying two bays & traverses of the right coy's (A) front. A large crater was formed. The uncertainty of the fire of these shells due to faulty charges and until others are obtained the front line will always have be cleared of all personnel when the H.T.M fires.

2/Lt WARING & 2/Lt MOULD of 'A' Coy and 4 O.R patrolled between 2 a.m. & 4 a.m. at about M. 10a. 50. 40.

An officers patrol left 'D' Coy and searched ground between BANK SAP & M 4c 35. 2 5. No hostile patrols or working parties seen.

Lt Badham and 10 O.R left 'D' Coy at 10 p.m. from H. Sap. Object being to discover any enemy saps or works between M 4.c. 00.50. & M. 4. c . 40. 50. and to engage any enemy patrols which might be about. No patrols seen or heard but a trench reported at M. 4. c 00. 50 running towards CRASSIER. This trench was empty & had but little wire in front.

A Few Rum Jars fell around BANK SAP & LIVERPOOL ST. between 5 & 6 p.m.

Casualties :- Nil

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