Dorsetshire Regt

Major Kenneth Archibald Holland TD
1905 - 1998

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KAHolland TD
In G & S (?)
On manoeuvrers

Uncle Ken was maternal uncle to the wife of the writer and nephew of Capt Robert Richard Clay MC. Capt Vivian Hastings Clay was his mother's first cousin.

Born in 1905 he was awarded a commision in his beloved Dorsetshire regiment in 1930, at the age of 25 years, as a Territorial. He served with distinction throughout the Second World War having been evacuated from France, through ill health, some six weeks before Dunkirk.

He lived his whole life in Dorchester, Dorset, was highly regarded by his very many friends and retained his full faculties until he died after a short illness in Dorchester Hospital at the age of 93 years in November 1998. He was followed about a year later by his dear wife Elizabeth Margaret Holland. Ken_Copy_TestKen_Copy_Test