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The 17th Welsh War Memorial - Bassaleg Parish Church - Gwent
Notes and Web-Page Listing - By kind permission of the PCC of the Parish of Bassaleg

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A technicality

During the life of the 17th Battalion, The First Glamorgan Bantams, the Regiment was officially known as the Welsh Regiment and had been thus since 1881.

The title Welch Regiment was reinstated around 1922, presumeably before the Memorial was installed.

When Uncle Arthur Dafen (Arthur John Davies MM) joined up, he joined the 17th Battalion, The Welsh Regiment and that was the Regiment he was in as Corporal when he exchanged an eye and a piece of his skull for a Military Medal


The writer apologises for any inaccuracies of colours in the following images which will also depend upon the settings of individual VDUs. Also, despite being carefully stored, the blemishes affecting the original colour negatives. They have only recently been digitised in the writer's Nikon Coolscan 4000ED device. The photographs were taken in 2003 by kind permission of the then Rector and the PCC of the Parish. If the opportunity arises for a repeat shoot, then the time of day and internal lighting will be chosen more carefully. Images digitised from film by the writer, even before 2003, remain in perfectly good condition on CD, DVD and hard drives. Therefore, the lesson learnt is, digitise images sooner rather than later.

1)     Bassaleg Parish Church - this page

2)    Bassaleg Parish Church, Image of Church from North Side

3)    The Memorial Window - Names not legible on this page - please see pages (4),  (5)   &   (6)  below

4)    The Sill and lower Window panes - Officers who died - Horizontal scrolling may be needed

5)     Left Memorial Panel - Other Ranks who died,    Vertical scrolling will be needed

6)     Right Memorial Panel - Other Ranks who died.  Vertical scrolling will be needed

A complete listing of those members of the 17th Battalion The Welsh Regiment is given in:    "First World War Graves and Memorials in Gwent", Vol 1, Ray Westlake, Wharncliffe Books, ISBN: 1 - 871647 - 78 - 9 and/or 1 - 9033425 - 02 - 6, 2001.

17th Welsh deaths are also given on this website, listed both by name and by date - please click on the "Casualties" Link above.

Lest we forget

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