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This Badge was worn
by the 17th Welsh.
The First Glamorgan Bantams.

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17th (Service) Battalion  The Welsh Regiment
The First Glamorgan Bantams
Diary   June 1916  to  February 1918
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Arthur John
Davies M.M.

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Lt Col C. J. Wilkie (right) with a
lady, an officer and Billy the Goat
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By kind permission of the Trustees of the
Welch Regiment Museum

During the past six months or so, considerable research has been carried out on Lt Charles Cobbe RN and his family. This includes further work at the PRO and visits to Market Bosworth, Mears Ashby, Little Marlow, Great Marlow, Bisham and Bradenham. It is hoped that within the next month or so there will be a significant update to this website. Unfortunately, it has not as yet, been possible to determine the location, date and circumstances of his death in 1798.

Contact with anyone having connections to the Cobbe, Burslem, Oldershaw and Tylecoat families would be most welcome. Dave Tylcoat of Cottage Pine, Devon a distant cousin of the wife of the writer, has been most helpful with the Tylecote connections.

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